Learn the wolf’s backstory in the Three Little Yogis

Three Little YogisTHE THREE LITTLE YOGIS AND THE WOLF WHO LOST HIS BREATH: A FAIRY TALE TO HELP YOU FEEL BETTER, by Susan Verde and Jay Fleck, Harry N. Abrams, May 5, 2020, Hardcover, $16.99 (ages 4-8)

Learn why the wolf from The Three Little Pigs needs to huff and puff in The Three Little Yogis and the Wolf Who Lost His Breath.

Once upon a time there lived a wolf who lost his huff and his puff. It was a BIG, BAD problem! One morning, the wolf came upon a peaceful little yogi doing sun salutations. The wolf wanted to huff and puff and blooow her hut down into a big pile of straw. But instead the yogi suggested, “Let’s meditate on that!”

Soon the wolf met a second yogi, and then a third. He may have lost his huff and puff—but with the help of three new yogi friends, can the wolf find his breath? —Synopsis provided by Harry N. Abrams

The Three Little Yogis and the Wolf Who Lost His Breath gives the wolf a voice. He’s no longer just a villain out to get the pigs. He’s got feelings. He’s got motivations. This is his story.

Children have a lot of emotions on a good day. The uncertainty surrounding Covid-19 has heightened those feelings. At least, I know it has in our house. The Three Little Yogis and the Wolf Who Lost His Breath gives children — and their parents — the tools to deal with fear, anger, and frustration within the context of a familiar tale. In fact, I think it could be really fun to read The Three Little Pigs either before or after and compare actions and consequences.

Susan Verde’s accessible text is paired with Jay Fleck’s charming illustrations that mirror the wolf’s emotions.



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