You’ll want to own Nikki McClure’s ‘To Market, To Market’


“TO MARKET, TO MARKET,” by Nikki McClure, Abrams, April 1, 2011, $17.95 (ages 4-8)

There are some picture books that are fine for checking out at the library and sharing with others. There are others, however, that you just have to own for yourself.

“To Market, To Market,” by Nikki McClure, is one such book. It’s as much a work of art as it is an enjoyable read.

A young boy’s trip to the market with his mother is chronicled in “To Market, To Market.”

Famers and bakers pack up their wares and bring them to the to the market, and the whole town gathers to take part in the festivities. There’s something for everyone — crisp red apples, dark green kale, smoked salmon, honey, blueberry turnovers, indigo napkins and fresh cheese.

Detailed images created out of cut paper accompany this tale that alternates between story and fact. The attention to detail is immaculate and the text lives up to its accompanying illustrations. Not only does McClure show each item at market, she also shows how each item is grown or made.

Simple, solid colors are used throughout and individual products stand out in each scene, highlighted in a new color — red apples, orange salmon, green kale. All the colors come together at the end when the family celebrates the bountiful food and the people who brought it to them.

“To Market, To Market” is a great way to introduce kids to the way things are grown and produced. It will also help get them excited for the farmers market in your area.

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