Live life to the fullest with ‘No One But You’

“NO ONE BUT YOU,” by Douglas Wood and P.J. Lynch, Candlewick Press, May 10, 2011, $16.99 (ages 4-8)

There are so many things a person can only truly understand by experiencing them on their own.

“No One But You” celebrates those experiences, those discoveries each of us make.

“No one but you can feel the rain kiss your skin or the wind ruffle your hair.” Remember the first time you walked through a rain puddle in your bare feet? What about seeing the morning sun sparkle on the water or gently holding a turtle with your own hands?

How do you describe the hum of a bumblebee or the smell of the moist earth after a rain shower? Each time you blow dandelion seeds is different than the last, and nothing compares to the first greeting with a new puppy.

With each event you create your own memories, unique to only you.

Together, author Douglas Wood and illustrator P.J. Lynch celebrate the experiences that make us who we are. The poetic text reminds readers of times gone by and generates excitement for times to come. Accompanied by rich illustrations that are almost photographic in nature, “No One But You” is sure to become a family favorite.

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