History, humor and life lessons are all rolled together in ‘Worst of Friends’


WORST OF FRIENDS: THOMAS JEFFERSON, JOHN ADAMS, AND THE TRUE STORY OF AN AMERICAN FEUD,” by Suzanne Tripp Jurmain, illustrated by Larry Day, Dutton Juvenile, December 8, 2011, $16.99 (ages 6 and up)

Can I just say I loved this book?  Loved!  History, humor, and lessons about life — all rolled together in a book that I would be more than happy to read over and over to my children.  And that’s saying a lot when you figure in how many times I’ve had to read some of the books around my house!

Jurmain’s text-heavy picture book investigates the relationship between Thomas Jefferson and John Adams.  Following their tumultous relationship through and around history, the reader not only becomes familiar with the amazing historical events they took part in, but also experiences the path their disagreements and personalities dragged them along.  Accompanied by hilarious illustrations that pinpoint how a child would perceive their reactions to circumstances (Jefferson holding Adams coat-tails to keep him back from an obnoxious King George, Adams drawing nasty pictures of Jefferson, both men sticking their fingers in their ears at different times) the book tells a true tale of how friendships can be tested and how they can survive.

If you’re looking for a book that provides good story, good history, and good fun — this is the book for you.

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