Sofia Valdez, Future Prez is great addition to Questioneers series

Sofia ValdezSOFIA VALDEZ, FUTURE PREZ, by Andrea Beaty and David Roberts, Harry N. Abrams, Nov. 5, 2019, Hardcover, $18.99 (ages 5-7)

It’s no secret that everyone in my house — me, my husband and my daughter — are in love with Andrea Beaty and David Roberts’ The Questioneers series. So when Sofia Valdez, Future Prez landed on our front porch, it was immediately opened and devoured.

Each of the picture books in the series revolves around a character who has a special affinity for something: Rosie Revere, Engineer; Iggy Peck, Architect; Ada Twist, Scientist; and now Sofia Valdez, Future Prez.

Every morning, Abuelo walks Sofia to school . . . until one day, when Abuelo hurts his ankle at a local landfill and he can no longer do so. Sofia (aka Sofi) misses her Abuelo and wonders what she can do about the dangerous Mount Trashmore. Then she gets an idea—the town can turn the slimy mess into a park! She brainstorms and plans and finally works up the courage to go to City Hall—only to be told by a clerk that she can’t build a park because she’s just a kid! Sofia is down but not out, and she sets out to prove what one kid can do. —Synopsis provided by Harry N. Abrams

Like its predecessors, Sofia Valdez, Future Prez features engaging and rhythmic text that is a delight to read aloud. David Roberts’ detailed illustrations are vibrant and playful.

I love how this series continues to grow. It started with engineering and science and moved on to architecture and now community activism. My daughter thinks the next book will be about an artist, and she can’t wait to see if she’s right.

In the meantime, Sofia Valdez, Future Prez has made its way into our reading rotation, where it will stay for the foreseeable future.

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