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Learn more about the authors who create the middle-grade books we’ve come to know and love with Cracking the Cover’s in-depth interviews.

The most important year of author Derek Taylor Kent’s life was when he was 11 years old.

“I had an amazing teacher named Ms. Russell who was incredibly encouraging and gave us tons of freedom to work on our own projects outside of class for extra credit,” the “Scary School” author told me in an email interview. “My friends and I basically formed our own comedy troop and would write and perform skits just about every single day (we got a lot of extra credit).”

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Have you ever wondered how an author best describes him or herself?

Earlier this week, I spoke with Carol Lynch Williams, who has penned about 20 books. And while her description — “Carol is a hesitant writer and can not figure out anything as she’s also absent-minded” — is somewhat farcical, it’s also somewhat telling.

Carol’s books tend to be on the more serious side, but like her tongue-in-cheek description of herself, there’s a sense of humor and moments of happiness sprinkled throughout.

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